Kunstmatige intelligentie wordt steeds slimmer infographic
Graphic charts upgrades from the GPT-3.5 version to GPT-4.


Nieuwe ChatGPT-update maakt het veel slimmer dan voorheen

By Ninian Carter

March 17, 2023 - ChatGPT, the world’s fastest growing internet app, has received a major software update that sees it able to ace exams, and analyse the contents of photos and write about them.

OpenAI, the tech firm behind the hugely popular ChatGPT app, has released a new software update for it that makes it much smarter than its younger sibling.

The latest iteration, GPT-4, is a more “intelligent” and powerful version of the technology behind the viral chatbot, making it able to ace tests such as the U.S. legal system bar exam.

The improved AI can also now analyse the contents of photographs and write about them – such as looking at an image of an open fridge and then telling you recipes of what you could cook from the food stored in it.

GPT-4 is currently locked behind OpenAI’s “ChatGPT Plus” $20-a-month subscription service, but Microsoft has revealed it’s been powering Bing’s chatbot for the last six weeks.

PUBLISHED: 17/03/2023; STORY: Graphic News