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 Verstoringen teisteren Europese luchthavens infographic
Graphic shows the 10 worst performing airports in Europe.


Europa's slechtste luchthavens qua vertragingen en annuleringen

By Ninian Carter

July 13, 2022 - Airlines and airports across Europe continue to struggle to meet the surge in demand after nearly two years of severely reduced travel.

Hopper travel agency, using data supplied by Official Aviation Guide, has compiled a list of European airports facing the worst delays and cancellations – offering a data source more current than any public record.

The 10 airports that currently rank worst for delays and cancellations (figures are averages for the first 10 days of July):

Brussels Airport, Belgium
72% delayed, 2.5% cancelled

Frankfurt International Airport, Germany
68% delayed, 7.8% cancelled

Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands
67% delayed, 1.8% cancelled

Luton Airport (LTN), UK
66% delayed, 2.7% cancelled

Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Hungary
65% delayed, 2.1% cancelled

Lisbon Airport, Portugal
65% delayed, 4.8% cancelled

Charles De Gaulle Airport, France
62% delayed, 3.1% cancelled

Schiphol Airport, Netherlands
61% delayed, 5.2% cancelled

Cote D'Azur Airport, France
60% delayed, 3.4% cancelled

Gatwick Airport, UK
59% delayed, 1.4% cancelled

PUBLISHED: 13/07/2022; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images