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 Wachttijden microchip op recordhoogte infographic
Graphic shows how semiconductor lead times have grown and automotive industry production has shrunk since the pandemic.


Wachttijden microchip op recordhoogte

By Phil Bainbridge

September 23, 2021 - Semiconductor-starved companies are being forced to wait for a record 21 weeks, putting a brake on post-pandemic recovery particularly in the
automotive industry which is expected to lose around $110bn in sales.

Chip shortages that have hampered growth in the electronics industry, and by extension many other industries, are getting worse. Lead times for semi-conductors reached 21 weeks in August, the worst ever recorded, which has been particularly damaging for the automotive industry. Carmakers have been revealed as especially vulnerable to supply issues, and their expected recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic looks set to fall short by around 3.9 million vehicles in production, worth an estimated $110 billion in lost sales.

PUBLISHED: 23/09/2021; STORY: Graphic News