Graphic shows the award process of the Nobel Peace Prize.


Hoe werkt de Nobelprijs voor de Vrede?

By Jordi Bou

October 9, 2020 - The laureate of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, one of the world’s top accolades, is announced in Oslo. The decision on who wins is made by the five-member Nobel Prize Committee, which is chosen in line with the make-up of the Norwegian parliament.

The prize should go to the “person who has done the most or best to advance fellowship among nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies, and the establishment and promotion of peace congresses”, according to the will of Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel, who founded the awards.

However, the prize today honours achievements in a variety of social areas, sometimes between nations, sometimes within individual nations.

This year, there are 318 candidates for the Peace Prize, of which 211 are individuals and 107 are organizations. 318 is the fourth highest number of candidates ever. The current record of 376 candidates was reached in 2016.

Neither the names of nominators nor of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize may be divulged until 50 years have elapsed.

The laureate will get a medal, a diploma, ten million Swedish crowns ($1.10 million). and global attention.

The award will be given during a ceremony on December 10, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death.

This year, due to coronavirus restrictions, it will be held in the Court of the University of Oslo, with around 100 guests only, rather than at the bigger Oslo City Hall, where it has been held since 1989.

PUBLISHED: 08/10/2020; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Newscom, Getty Images
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