Interactive graphic toont details van de inhuldigingsceremonie van Keizer Naruhito.


Inhuldigingsceremonie voor de Japanse Keizer Naruhito

By Ben Mullins

October 22, 2019 - Hoogwaardigheidsbekleders uit bijna 200 landen zullen de formele
inhuldiging bijwonen van keizer Naruhito als 126e heerser van
’s werelds oudste door overerving voortgezette monarcie bijwonen.

The enthronement of 59-year-old Naruhito follows his ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne on May 1, one day after his father, 85-year-old Akihito, abdicated citing his age and failing health.

Wearing ceremonial sokutai attire, including a voluminous brown-gold outer robe with long and wide sleeves, Naruhito will proclaim his enthronement from the imperial Takamikura throne in the state room of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Empress Masako will wear a multi-layered kimono known as junihitoe, and will sit on a smaller throne called Michodai.

Following Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s congratulatory message, the Emperor and Empress will set out on a 4.6km route through central Tokyo in a custom-made Toyota Century convertible adorned with imperial chrysanthemum crests.

Given the backgrounds of Naruhito and his wife Masako, a former diplomat – which include extended experience studying and living overseas – hopes are high that they may be more international in their outlook and closer to the lives of many Japanese.

While the emperor has no political power under Japan’s constitution, the enthronement of Naruhito is still an important moment for the country, as he is the first emperor born after the end of World War II.

PUBLISHED: 18/10/2019; ORIGINAL GRAPHIC: GN39572 ROYALTY: Enthronement of Emperor Naruhito, by Jordi Bou; TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Phil BainbridgeSTORY: Graphic News