Graphic toont de ergst vervuilde havens in Europa.


Barcelona scoort slechtst in Europa voor vervuiling door cruiseschepenpollution

June 10, 2019 - Luxe cruiseschepen die Europese havens aandoen produceren volgens een rapport twee tot vijf maal meer kankerveroorzakende gassen dan de totale auto-passagiersvloot in die steden.

A study of 203 cruise ships at sea in Europe in 2017, carried out by the European think-tank Transport & Environment, found that Barcelona, Palma Mallorca and Venice were the worst affected by sulphur dioxide (SOx) emissions.

In the case of Barcelona, in 2017, cruise ships emitted nearly five times as much SOx as all the city’s cars.

The city is Europe’s busiest cruise ship destination, with some 2.7 million passengers disembarking from 800 ships in 2017.

Ships run on fuel oil, which contains about 2,000 times more sulphur oxide than ordinary diesel.

In order to mitigate the environmental impact of the cruise industry, cruise liners are investing in new technologies with the aim of improving sustainability.

Carnival, one of the largest cruise ship corporations in the world, last year launched the AIDAnova, the first cruise ship powered by liquified natural gas. Ten additional such ships are to follow by 2025.

And on June 27, the Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten plans to launch the Roald Amundsen, the world’s first hybrid-powered cruise ship, propelled by both electric motors and internal combustion engines.

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PUBLISHED: 10/06/2019; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Newscom
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