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TECH: 2019: Het jaar van de vouwtelefoon infographic
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Alle opvouwbare telefoons die in 2019 uitkomen

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February 28, 2019 -- Samsung stal de show op het Mobile World Congress met zijn Galaxy
Fold, maar het is zeker niet de enige opvouwbare smartphone – diverse
andere apparaten met alternatieve vouwmechanismen komen eraan.

At long last it would seem that 2019 is finally going to be the year of the foldable smartphone. After years of rumours and leaks, Samsung and Huawei have galloped out the gates with two devices featuring two quite different folding mechanisms, but which do the same task – transform a phone into a tablet.

They are not the only firms in on the act however, with ZTE, Oppo, LG, Royole (theirs actually came out last year), Xiaomi and Motorola all bringing foldable devices to market in 2019 – the latter having a different take on the technology by rejuvenating the Razr brand to create a folding-screen flip-phone.

It’s early days for the technology and prices are high, but exciting times lie ahead for smartphone users.

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