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Onderzeeër bezoekt diepste delen van de oceanen

November 13, 2018 - Voor het eerst zullen mensen de diepste delen van elk van de vijf oceanen bezoeken. Ze dalen af naar de zeebodem met een tweepersoons toestel, ontworpen om de immense druk, meer dan 10 kilometer onder het oppervlak, te weerstaan.

The mission, called “Five Deeps”, will begin in December with a descent to the Puerto Rico Trench, the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean and a place no human has ever explored, according to the Business Insider website.

Subsequent dives aim to reach the bottom of the South Sandwich Trench in the Southern Ocean, the Java Trench in the Indian Ocean, Challenger Deep in the Pacific and Molloy Deep in the Arctic.

Each dive will use a Triton 36000/2 deep-submergence vehicle, the world’s first craft certified to repeatedly carry humans on dives of 11,000m, according to its manufacturers.

After leaving its support vessel, the submersible will be piloted by explorer and investor Victor Vescovo, along with scientist Alan Jamieson from Newcastle University. Diving in many of the world’s most remote environments, the team aim to set new records and observe new species.

Discovery and Science Channel will capture the entire mission for a project known as “Deep Planet” that will air in 2019.

PUBLISHED: 13/11/2018; STORY: Graphic News