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Graphic toont locatiekaart waar Amerikaanse researchers denken de Endeavour te hebben gevonden, en de route van het schip van Groot-Brittannië naar Australië in 1768.


Captain Cooks’ schip eindelijk “gevonden”

September 21, 2018 - Een team van Australische en Amerikaanse zee-archeologen kondigen naar verwachting de rustplaats aan van de HMS Endeavour, het schip waarmee de Britse vorser Kapitein James Cook in 1768 naar Australië voer op zijn eerste ontdekkingsreis.
A team of marine archaeologists from Australia and the U.S. are expected to announce the resting place of HMS Endeavour, the ship in which British explorer Captain James Cook sailed to Australia in 1768 on his first voyage of discovery.

The achievement would solve one of the greatest maritime mysteries of all time.

The Endeavour, then known as Lord Sandwich II, was sunk in 1778 with 12 other ships off Rhode Island, U.S., but no-one was sure where.

Now, following a 25-year archaeological study, the search has been narrowed to just “one or two” sites just off Goat Island, a small island in the Narragansett Bay, where the Endeavour was scuttled during the American War of Independence.

The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (Rimap), which has been working with the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM), is to release a “3-D photogrammetric image of a promising site”

The breakthrough has raised hopes the remains of the vessel will be excavated next year, in time for the 250th anniversary of Cook's arrival in Australia.

The Rhode Island state government claimed official ownership of the fleet of shipwrecks including Endeavour in 1999, suggesting Australian officials would have to negotiate for any remnants to be brought to Australia.

PUBLISHED: 20/09/2018; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Associated Press