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Feb 2019: Boeing rolls out its biggest plane powered by behemoth engine

UNITED STATES - Boeing rolls out its biggest plane, the 777X, powered by the world’s biggest engine, the GE9X, at the company’s factory in Everett, Washington. The duo, designed for long-haul routes, will fly for the first time in April or May.

The Seattle Times reports that the plane’s long carbon-fiber wings arc up and away from low on the fuselage, then curve downward to the tips. The 11-foot tips are scythe-like, painted with a 777X and folded upward so the jet fits into all the same airports as the 777.

This first plane, a 777-9X model, is 252 feet long. When those 11-foot-long tips are unfolded for flight, it has a wingspan of 235 feet. That makes it longer and with a larger wingspan than the latest 747 jumbo jet.

The 777X is set to replace the 777-300ER, an all-metal airplane that has long been Boeing’s star wide body plane. While similar in weight to the -300ER, the new plane is more fuel-efficient and flies 250 miles further, giving it an 8,750-mile range.

#22940 Published: 01/06/2019

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