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Jan 20, 2018: First anniversary of Trump inauguration and Women’s March portends clashes

UNITED STATES - President Donald Trump’s report card and a recent white supremacist rally all but guarantee face-offs and louder “Dump Trump” calls on the first anniversary of his inauguration and the Women’s March, which took place around the world on the following day.

Growing tensions between Trump supporters and opponents following that rally in August in Charlottesville, Virginia, increase the odds of rival events and clashes around the country on the two anniversaries. Cities around the country are posting plans to hold 2018 editions of the Women’s March on Jan 20.

The Charlottesville confrontations left one counter-protester dead and others injured. It raised a political storm and underscored the president’s controversial views about race and other issues.

Trump’s Jan 20 report card won’t be flattering. The Washington Post noted in August that newspapers “have repeated ad nauseam that Trump is saddled with the worst approval ratings in United States history at this stage of his presidency.” His 33-35 per cent approval rating in mid 2017 is widely described as politically catastrophic, but the Republican-led Congress shows no inclination to respond to calls for the impeachment of their fellow-Republican president.

The 2017 Women’s March, which brought millions of demonstrators onto city streets in the U.S. and elsewhere, amounted to the first mass resistance to the Trump presidency. Broadcaster ABC noted that the international outpouring indicated the degree to which Trump has unsettled people domestically and abroad. The main march, in Washington DC, one of the biggest demonstrations in the capital’s history, drew 400,000-500,000 people. All of the marches were notable for the absence of violence.

#22305 Updated: 11/16/2017 UPDATED NOV 2017 TO SHOW NEW WOMEN'S MARCHES ON JAN 20, NOT 21st

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