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 Temas relevantes de la elección en Francia infographic
El gráfico muestra los temas más relevantes y las fechas clave de las elecciones para la Asamblea Nacional francesa.


La elección francesa sacude a la UE y a la OTAN

By Duncan Mil

June 30, 2024 - July 7, 2024 - Francia se acerca rápidamente a elecciones anticipadas para la Asamblea Nacional en las que los sondeos dan la ventaja a Agrupación Nacional de ultraderecha y el Nuevo Frente Popular unificado de izquierda sobre Renacimiento del presidente Macron.

Mac­ron’s cent­rist alli­ance, Ensemble, is facing elect­oral wipeout less than two weeks before the first round of elections, which Macron called in response to the far-right defeat of his party in European polls.

According to a recent IFOP poll, Macron’s centrist alliance is projected to secure a third-place finish on June 30, with a second round of elections on July 7. The far-right National Rally (RN) and the left-wing New Popular Front alliance are expected to take the lead, potentially altering the political landscape of France and its relationship with the EU and NATO.

If the current trend continues, there is a possibility of an awkward “cohabitation” between Macron and RN leader Jordan Bardella, in which the latter could become prime minister.

Under cohabitation, the constitution states that the prime minister directs the government’s action and ensures the execution of laws. At the same time, the president is commander-in-chief, controls the nuclear buttons and dominates foreign policy.

Referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine while visiting the Eurosatory defence show outside Paris on Wednesday (June 19), Bardella said that “France mustn’t leave NATO’s military command while we are at war because it would considerably weaken France’s responsibility on the European scene.”

PUBLISHED: 21/06/2024; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images