Protestas en campus de Europa infographic
El gráficomuestra los campus europeos donde se han realizado protestas.


Las protestas propalestinas se extienden por Europa

By Duncan Mil

May 8, 2024 - Las manifestaciones estudiantiles propalestinas que han agitado los campus en EUA se han extendido hasta Europa, con protestas y acampadas en al menos 24 universidades.

German police broke up a protest by between sixty and eighty pro-Palestinian activists who had occupied a courtyard on Freie Universität Berlin’s campus on Tuesday, May 7.

“An occupation is not acceptable on the FU Berlin campus,” university president Guenter Ziegler said. “We are available for academic dialogue -- but not in this way.”

Protesters occupied a university building in Amsterdam hours after police detained 169 people.

“We share the anger and bewilderment over the war, and we understand that there are protests. We stress that within the university, dialogue about it is the only answer,” the University of Amsterdam said in a statement.

Some student camps have allowed protesters to stay on campus, like the lawns of Cambridge. In recent days, students have held protests or set up encampments in Finland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, and Britain.

Protesters’ demands generally call for an end to the Israel-Hamas war, disclosures of institutional investments and divestment from companies with ties to Israel or that otherwise profit from its military operation in Gaza.

“Oxbridge’s profits cannot continue to climb at the expense of Palestinian lives, and their reputations must no longer be built on the whitewashing of Israeli crimes,” said a joint statement from protesters at Oxford and Cambridge universities.

PUBLISHED: 08/05/2024; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images