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 Colección numismática Bruun en venta infographic
El gráfico muestra algunas monedas de la colección Bruun.


La colección de monedas más valiosa que ha llegado al mercado

By Duncan Mil

April 25, 2024 - En un evento muy anticipado que debió posponerse cien años, el extraordinario tesoro de monedas escandinavas del industrial danés Lars Emil Bruun valuado en $72,5 millones será vendido en una serie de subastas.

Lars Emil Bruun left behind a will in which his descendants had to wait 100 years for the vast inheritance. Now, the wait is almost over.

With the autumn of 2024 on the horizon, the renowned coin auction house and dealer Stack’s Bowers is preparing to unveil the highly anticipated 20,000-piece collection of Scandinavian coinage at a public auction.

“When I first heard about the collection a couple years back,” says Vicken Yegparian, the company’s vice president for numismatics, “I was flabbergasted that something like this could exist.”

“You’ve got Denmark, Norway, Sweden and then places that used to be under Danish or Norwegian or Swedish rule,” Yegparian told Bloomberg. “There’s a huge run of coins from King Canute of England,” Yegparian added.

Following World War I, Bruun made his collection as a backup to the Royal Danish Collection of Coins and Medals, “as a redundancy and a protection against something happening to the existing collection,” says Brian Kendrella, president of Stack’s Bowers.

The collection is insured for 500 million Danish kroner ($72.5 million), “in this case, everything that we’ve done so far supports that amount as a pretty reasonable valuation,” Kendrella says.

PUBLISHED: 25/04/2024; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Stack’s Bowers Galleries