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 Audífonos reparables Fairbuds infographic
El gráfico explica la operación de los audífonos Fairbuds.


Fairbuds envía un mensaje ambental a Apple y otros

By Ninian Carter

April 12, 2024 - Fairphone, fabricante de smartphones reparables, ha lanzado los audífonos inalámbricos con baterías reemplazabales Fairbuds – una alternativa más respetuosa con el ambiente que las ofertas de Apple y Samsung.

Wireless earbuds from the likes of Apple and Samsung are fragile, easily lost and prone to battery failure. In the latter case, units are usually discarded due to their sealed-in design and extreme difficulty repairing them.

Enter Fairphone, Dutch makers of repairable smartphones, who have launched “Fairbuds” wireless earphones with replaceable batteries – an environmentally friendlier alternative to offerings from its bigger rivals.

The buds feature easily replaceable batteries and a charging case with a swappable cell, and look like a chunkier version of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds or Apple’s AirPods.

But what you forego in sleek design, you more than make up for in an ethically designed product, made from recycled materials in fair factories (employees are paid a living wage), that’s easily repairable and should outlast its warranty by some years.

Fairbuds cost €149 ($159, £129) and are available now.

PUBLISHED: 14/04/2024; STORY: Graphic News