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 Planes para jets de combate japoneses infographic
El gráfico muesta detalles del jet de combate Tempest.


Japan relaja sus reglas de exportación de defensa para un nuevo jet de combate

March 26, 2024 - El gabinete de Japóon aprobó la exportación de aviones nuevos de combate, que la nación desarrolla con el Reino Unido e Italia, en la medida más reciente de alejamiento de sus políticas pacifístas.

It eased arms export rules to allow the jets to be sold to countries that Japan has signed defence pacts with, and where there is no ongoing conflict.

Japan has pledged to double military spending by 2027, citing threats posed by China and North Korea.

Each fighter jet sale will require cabinet approval, authorities said.

In December 2022, Japan came on board a UK-Italy collaboration, dubbed the Tempest, to develop this new fighter jet that will use artificial intelligence and advanced sensors to assist pilots, the BBC said.

PUBLISHED: 26/03/2024; STORY: Graphic News