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 Abril 2024 infographic
El gráfico muestra eventos noticiosos selectos en abril 2024.


Agenda Mundial Abril 2024

By Jordi Bou

April 1, 2024 - April 30, 2024 - Los eventos en abril incluyen elecciones nacionales en India, un eclipse solar total en América del Norte, un fortalecimiento de la alianza de seguridad entre EUA y Japón, la imposicón de una cuota para visitar Venecia y la nueva gira de los Rolling Stones por Estados Unidos y Canadá.

Apr 7, Tunisia: Briton Russell Cook will become the first man to run the length of Africa, equal to 360 marathons. The challenge began at South Africa’s most southerly point last April, and took 351 days.

Apr 8, North America: A swathe of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada is plunged into darkness as people don their eclipse shades to witness the region’s last solar eclipse for the next 20 years.

Apr 10, U.S., Japan: Washington and Tokyo unveil the biggest upgrade to their security alliance since a 1960 defence pact, in a move to counter China’s growing military power.

Apr 19-Jun 1, India: Narendra Modi is seeking a rare third term for his Hindu nationalist government in national elections, with polls suggesting he will win a comfortable majority among the almost one billion eligible voters.

April 20, World: Bitcoin undergoes its four-yearly “Halving,” intended to ensure the cryptocurrency’s scarcity and increase its value.

April 24, Austria: A painting by Gustav Klimt that was believed lost for 100 years will be auctioned in Vienna. Portrait of Fräulein Lieser, last seen in 1925, is expected to fetch between €30-50m.

Apr 25, Italy: Venice imposes a €5 entry fee on daytrippers during peak tourist season, as the city seeks to combat overtourism.

Apr 28, U.S., Canada: The Rolling Stones go back on the road, with two of the core trio already in their 80s.

PUBLISHED: 26/03/2024; Getty Images, Las Vegas Review-Journal, NASA, Sotheby’s; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images, Im Kinsky, Russ Cook