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 Situación de la guerra Israel-Hamas, día 126 infographic
El gráfico muestra el informe de la situación en Israel y Gaza.


Informe de la situación de la guerra Israel-Hamas, día 126

By Phil Bainbridge

February 9, 2024 - La Casa Blanca ha dicho a Israel que no apoyaría una ofensiva contra la ciudad de Rafah, último refugio de muchos palestinos que huyen de los combates, y que sería un "desastre".

Israel has rejected a Hamas ceasefire proposal to end the four-moth long conflict in Gaza. According to the plan, over three 45-day stages Israeli hostages would be released, Palestinian prisoners freed and bodies identified and exchanged, while Israeli troops would be withdrawn and fighting would cease.

Israel has proposed the exile of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, an end to Hamas government in Gaza and the return of all hostages.

Palestinian militias - including the mainly Syrian-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine–General Command (PFLP-GC), not previously seen in Gaza - launched 14 rocket attacks on southern Israel, the most since December 4, 2023.

PUBLISHED: 09/02/2024; STORY: Graphic News