Financiamiento para UNRWA infographic
El gráfico muestra grandes donadores a UNRWA qye han suspendido los fondos de ayuda.


Países donadores suspenden fondos para UNRWA tras acusaciones de involucramiento en ataques de Hamas

January 29, 2024 - Las acusaciones de Israel de que 12 miembros del grupo de asistencia de la ONU en Gaza participaron en el ataque de Hamas del 7 de octubre han llevado a varios países occidentales a suspender su financiamiento.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees, known as UNRWA, employs thousands of staffers and provides vital aid and services to millions of people across the Middle East. In Gaza, it has been the main supplier of food, water and shelter to civilians during the Israel-Hamas war.

Israel has long railed against the agency, accusing it of tolerating or even collaborating with Hamas and of perpetuating the 75-year-old Palestinian refugee crisis. The Israeli government has accused Hamas and other militant groups of siphoning off aid and using UN facilities for military purposes.

UNRWA denies those allegations and says it took swift action against the employees accused of taking part in the attack. The United States and several other Western nations that together provided more than half of UNRWA’s budget in 2022 nevertheless suspended their funding to the agency, AP said.

PUBLISHED: 29/01/2024; STORY: Graphic News