Costo de una guerra por Taiwán infographic
El gráfico muesta el impacto que tendría un conflicto sobre Taiwán en el PIB global.


Una guerra en Taiwán podría diezmar la economía global

January 9, 2024 - Un conflicto potencial sobre Taiwán tendría un costo tan grande queincluso quienes están descontentos con su statu quo tienen razones
para no ponerlo en riesgo, según estimaciones de Bloomberg Economics

The estimated price tag of war would be around $10 trillion, equal to about 10% of global GDP – dwarfing the blow from the war in Ukraine, Covid-19 pandemic and 2007-2008 financial crisis.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the semiconductor shortage as the world reopened from Covid lockdowns, provide a small glimpse of what’s at stake for the global economy. The impact of war in the Taiwan Strait would be far bigger.

Bloomberg Economics has modeled two scenarios: a Chinese invasion drawing the U.S. into a local conflict, and a blockade cutting Taiwan off from trade with the rest of the world. A suite of models is used to estimate the impact on GDP, taking account of the blow to semiconductor supply, disruption to shipping in the region, trade sanctions and tariffs, and the impact on financial markets, Bloomberg said.

PUBLISHED: 09/01/2024; STORY: Graphic News