Robots asesinos infographic
El gráfico muestra el dron Harop de Israel y un sondeo de Ipsos sobre eluso de robots asesinos.


¿Deberían prohibirse los robots asesinos?

By Duncan Mil

Muchos gobiernos están pidendo a Naciones Unidas que imponga restricciones legalmente vinculantes a las armas letales autónomas. EUA, China e Israel están entre los países que desarrollan “robots asesinos”.

However, the U.S., Russia, Australia, and Israel are pushing for a non-binding resolution. The conflicting views among these countries raise concerns about AI-driven weapons’ ethical and security implications.

In a speech on August 28, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, Kathleen Hicks, said technology like AI-controlled drones would enable the U.S. to offset China’s People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) numerical advantage in weapons and people.

“We’ll counter the PLA’s mass with mass of our own, but ours will be harder to plan for, harder to hit, harder to beat,” she said.

Ukraine has already reportedly used drone surface craft packed with explosives to attack Russian shipping.

“Uncrewed aerial systems have already taken crewed reconnaissance helicopters out of a lot of their missions,” said Mick Ryan, a former Australian army major general who publishes regular commentaries on the Ukraine conflict.

“We are starting to see ground-based artillery observers replaced by drones,” Ryan added.

PUBLISHED: 23/11/2023; STORY: Graphic News