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 Situación de laguerra  Israel-Hamas - día 5 infographic
El gráfico muestra el informe de la situación en Israel y Gaza.


Informe de situación de la guerra Israel-Hamas - día 5

By Phil Bainbridge

October 11, 2023 - Se ha dado a acceso a periodistas al sitio de la masacre en Kfar Aza donde abuelos, mujeres y niñs fueron asesinados en sus casas por Hamas.

The Israeli Air Force has hit 450 targets in Hamas’ Gaza City strongholds of Al Daraj and Al Furqan where they believe the planning for the attacks took place, as well as destroying what they say was a sophisticated aircraft detection system. The sole power plant in Gaza now has under 12 hours of fuel left, with the siege taking effect. The U.S., Israel and Egypt are in discussions to allow safe passage for Gaza civilians.

The U.S. has flown in supplies of ammunition and interceptors for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system as towns and cities in central and southern Israel continue to be targeted from Gaza. The situation in the north is also heating up, with rockets launched from Lebanon and mortar fire from Syria.

PUBLISHED: 11/10/2023; STORY: Graphic News