El Bajo Perdido de Paul McCartney infographic
El gráfico muestra la historia del bajo perdido de Paul McCartney y cómo identificarlo.


El Bajo Perdido de Paul McCartney

By Phil Bainbridge

September 8, 2023 - El bajo original de 1961 del Beatle, presente en algunos de los momentosmás icónicos de la historia de la música, se perdió en 1969. Ahora se realiza una búsqueda para resolver uno de los grandes misterios del rock ’n’ roll.

During a four-month residency at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg, Paul McCartney took over as bass player for the Beatles after Stuart Sutcliffe quit the band. He bought the distinctive left-handed Höfner Violin Bass 500/1 from the Steinway Musikhaus for approximately £30 and went on to make music history, with the instrument featuring on such tracks as “Love Me Do”, “She Loves You” and “Twist and Shout”.

After two years of near constant use during the height of Beatlemania, the band needed repairs and became backup to a new Höfner. During these repairs a number of alterations were made, including a three-part sunburst respray and the removal of a mother-of-pearl pick guard.

The ’61 bass was last sighted during the filming of the movie Get Back in 1969, and is believed to have been stolen either during the comings and goings at 3 Savile Row, or later from a lockup at the Abbey Road studios.

PUBLISHED: 08/09/2023; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images