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 Proyecciones para las elecciones generales infographic
Graphic shows projection of seats in the Spanish parliament, according to a poll carried out by Ipsos for La Vanguardia newspaper.


Vox podría convertirse en llave de Gobierno en España

By Jordi Bou

June 23, 2023 - El conservador Partido Popular ganará más votos que los socialistas en las elecciones generales, pero aún necesitará la ayuda del partido de extrema derecha Vox para formar gobierno, segun las enquestas.

Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez was forced to bring forward Spain’s general election after regional and local elections held on May 28 saw the mainstream right-wing Partido Popular party (PP) make huge nationwide gains.

While polls indicate that the PP will again be Spain’s most-voted party come July’s general election, they also consistently show the PP will not capture an overall majority of parliamentary seats – likely making Vox the first far-right party since Franco’s dictatorship to enter the national government.

The rise of Vox is part of an increasing trend across Europe of hard-right parties surging in popularity and, in some cases, gaining power by entering governments as junior partners.

PUBLISHED: 11/07/2023; STORY: Graphic News