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 Apple necesita un visor VR más barato infographic
El gráfico muestra cómo podría Apple fabricar un visor de realidad mixta más barato.


Cómo podría Apple diseñar un visor VR más barato

By Ninian Carter

June 12, 2023 - Con un precio de $3.500, el visor de realidad mixta Vision Pro es
siete veces más caro que su rival más cercano, el Meta Quest. Sin embargo, Apple tiene planes de una versión menos costosa.

Apple’s new Vision Pro mixed reality headset, capable of displaying virtual reality and augmented reality, will retail for an eye-watering $3,500 – apparently very close to the cost of building it.

At this price point, seven times the cost of Meta’s upcoming Quest 3 headset, the Vision Pro is simply too expensive to have a successful future.

Which is why Apple is already working on a cheaper headset design that will sell more units.

The Vision Pro name itself suggests a non-pro version will be coming to market, in rather the same way that iPhone models are marketed today.

In order to build a cheaper headset, Apple will need to cheapen or remove several components – the priciest being its camera and sensor array, its dual Apple silicon chips and the twin 4K micro-OLED virtual reality displays.

A non-pro model could use lower quality screens, an iPhone-grade chip and fewer cameras – for a lesser performance.

It could also design a cheaper headband, remove the speakers (requiring users to wear AirPods), create a manual eye adjustment mechanism and remove the 3D camera.

Add to this a more refined assembly process using a cheaper frame, and economies of scale, and Apple could likely shave hundreds dollars off the price.

Apple plans to release a cheaper model at the end of 2025, along with a second-generation Vision Pro with a faster processor.

PUBLISHED: 12/06/2023; STORY: Graphic News