Coalición de jets de combate F-16 para Ucrania infographic
l gráfico muestra detalles del desempeño y los inventarios globales de los jets de combate F-16.


Planean entrenamiento en jets de combate F-16 para pilotos ucranianos

May 25, 2023 - El presidente Volodymyr Zelensky ha dicho que la entrega de jets de combate F-16 a Ucrania sería una señal segura del mundo de que la invasión rusa terminaría en una derrota para Moscú

Ukraine’s quest for the U.S.-built jet received a big boost over the weekend when U.S. President Joe Biden gave his backing for Kyiv’s pilots to be trained to fly them.

Biden’s comments at a summit with G7 leaders in Japan came days after Britain and the Netherlands said they were building an “international coalition” to help Ukraine procure F-16s as it seeks to improve its defences against Russian air attacks.

The F-16s would be a significant upgrade to the largely Soviet-era aircraft currently in Ukraine’s fleet, CNN said.

PUBLISHED: 25/05/2023; STORY: Graphic News