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 Inflación en Alemania infographic
l gráfico muestra el índice de precios de consumo armonizado de Alemania comparado con el dela eurozona.


La inflación alemana afecta el costo de los alimentos

By Duncan Mil

March 27, 2023 - Las huelgas en Alemania han paralizado el transporte masivo y los aeropuertos en uno de las mayores paros en décadas. La creciente inflación ha repercutido en los estándares de vida, excediendo el promedio de la eurozona.

Inflation in the 20-country single currency zone has fallen for four consecutive months since hitting a record high of 10.6 per cent in October.

However, German consumer prices rose more than anticipated in February, up 9.3 per cent, indicating that the European Central Bank will need to raise eurozone interest rates to record levels to tackle higher-than-expected prices.

It has been painful for millions of workers throughout the country as costs of everything from bread to rents rise after years of relatively stable prices.

A Big Mac-style burger meal in a fast food restaurant in Berlin costs around €11, 49 per cent more than in London.

A month-worth of utilities -- heating, electricity, gas, etc. -- for a single person in a studio flat would cost €570, almost 250 per cent above the London figure.

“It is a matter of survival for many thousands of employees to get a considerable pay rise,” Frank Werneke, head of the Verdi labour union, told Bild am Sonntag. Verdi demands a 10.5 per cent wage increase, which would see pay rising by at least €500 monthly.

PUBLISHED: 27/03/2023; STORY: Graphic News