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 Colosal edificio cúbico para Riad infographic
El gráfico muestra los detalles del edificio Mukaab planeado para Riad.


Un gigantesco rascacielos cúbico se construirá en Riad

By Ninian Carter

March 22, 2023 - Arabia Saudí planea construir un gigantesco rascacielos en forma decubo en Riad, en un espacio capaz de contener 20 edificios Empire State.

Saudi Arabia plans to build the Mukaab, one of the largest structures in the world, and the iconic heart of the planned New Murabba downtown district in Riyadh.

The Mukaab will be a giant cube, 400 metres long in each dimension, offering a floorspace of 2 million square metres – capable of containing 20 Empire State Buildings.

Sitting at its centre will be an enclosed skyscraper surrounded by a gigantic 360° screen that will be able to project animated fantasy landscapes around the tower, using the latest digital and virtual technology, including holographics.

The designers hope it will become a global premium hospitality destination, offering top quality retail, cultural and tourist attractions, along with residential and hotel units.

The project is due to be completed in 2030, adding $50 billion to Saudi Arabia’s non-oil economy and creating 334,000 jobs.

PUBLISHED: 22/03/2023; STORY: Graphic News