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 Compromisos de ayuda militar de EUA infographic
El gráfico muestra la ayuda militar prometida a Ucrania por EUA.


Compromisos de ayuda militar de EUA a Ucrania

By Phil Bainbridge

December 16, 2022 - El cumplimiento de sus promesas a Ucrania obliga al Pentágono a acelerar la contratación, el montaje y la entrega de armas para evitar el riesgo de que su propio arsenal esté agotado en caso de ser llamado a la acción militar.

While Pentagon spending has been focused on the high-tech - stealth jets and hypersonic missiles - Ukraine’s defence requires artillery and armour-piercing weapons, for which production ceased years ago in some cases. The U.S. is now confronting the need to ramp up production so that its own stocks don’t fall below the level required to defend its own territory or one of the other potential theatres, for example in the Indo-Pacific.

There is a growing consensus that stockpiles need to be about 50% greater than pre-Ukraine, and using lessons learned from Operation Warp Speed, the government-wide effort to develop tests, therapies and vaccines to tackle Covid-19, the Pentagon has begun using a fast-track Undefinitized Contract Action (UCA) to authorise contractors and even take delivery before terms and prices are finalised.

The constant tension in the system means that while military planners want to replenish stockpiles as quickly as possible to mitigate military risk, contract officers have safeguards to protect taxpayer dollars from errors and abuses.

PUBLISHED: 16/12/2022; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Newscom, Sonaz