Elección muy reñida en Suecia (1)  infographic
El gráfico muestra el resultado con 6.575 de 6,578 distritos electorales contabilizados.


Elección muy reñida en Suecia

By Duncan Mil

September 12, 2022 - El bloque opositor de derecha de Suecia formado por los partidos Demócratas de Suecia, Moderados, Demócratas Cristianos y Liberales ha ganado por una estrecha mayoría de 176 sobre 173 escaños en el Riksdag.

Early on Monday (September 12, 2022), figures showed the opposition Moderates, Sweden Democrats, Christian Democrats and Liberals winning 175 seats in the 349-seat parliament against 174 for Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s ruling Social Democrats and its allies.

With only one seat separating the two blocs,
Andersson was not ready to concede defeat late on Sunday. “Every vote will be counted. It will take time to get a final election result,” she said in a post on social media.

In evidence of a shift to the right, the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats have overtaken the Moderates as Sweden’s second biggest party and the biggest in the opposition. However, Moderate leader Ulf Kristersson is likely to be the group’s candidate for prime minister.

“We don’t know what the result will be,” Kristersson told supporters. “But I am ready to do all I can to form a new, stable and vigorous government for the whole of Sweden and all its citizens.”

A final result is scheduled for Wednesday, after which Kristersson will push to form a new administration.

PUBLISHED: 15/09/2022; STORY: Graphic News