Perfil de Liz Truss infographic
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Liz Truss será la nueva primera ministra británica

By Jordi Bou

September 5, 2022 - La secretaria de Exteriores Liz Truss se convertirá en primera ministra de Gran Bretaña tras ganar la carrera para convertirse en líder del Parido Conservador. Enfrenta una de las crisis económicas más abrumadoras en tiempos recientes.

Truss takes over as the country faces a cost of living crisis, industrial unrest, a recession and war in Europe, where Britain has been a leading backer of Ukraine. She appeared to rule out another national election for the next two years, saying she would win a great victory for her party in 2024.

The 47-year-old incoming premier, who has served in the cabinet for eight years, has promised a rightwing agenda of tax cuts – largely funded by borrowing – in an attempt to halt Britain sliding into a lengthy recession.

She succeeds Boris Johnson, who was forced to announce his resignation in July after months of scandal saw support for his administration drain away.

PUBLISHED: 05/09/2022; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images