Misil cuchilla Hellfire infographic
El gráfico muestra el misil Hellfire R9X “cuchilla”.


El misil que mató a Zawahiri

By Duncan Mil

August 4, 2022 - Los misiles que mataron al líder de Al Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri – cuando estaba en un balcón en la capital afgana Kabul – causaron dañoscolaterales menores, sugiriendo que eran variantes del Hellfire R9X

The CIA used a missile shrouded in secrecy to kill Al-Qaeda’s leader, produced explicitly to kill individuals. The missile’s development, which reportedly began under former U.S. President Barack Obama, was aimed to avoid civilian casualties during U.S. campaigns in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Yemen.

The AGM-114 R9X -- known as the Hellfire R9X -- is a modified version of the well-known Hellfire air-to-ground, anti-armour missile, but without an explosive warhead. Itmissile can plunge through the tops of vehicles or buildings to kill targets without harming others.

Just before impact, six sharp blades shoot out from the sides of the spinning missile, hitting and shredding its unfortunate target like a huge razor.

Nicknamed a targeted “knife bomb,” the “ninja” bomb or the “flying Ginsu,” the R9X has only been used a dozen times in the past four years. Many of these took place in Syria, and now the R9X missile has been used in Afghanistan.

PUBLISHED: 04/08/2022; STORY: Graphic News