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 Submarino Belgorod de Rusia infographic
El gráfico muestra las especificaciones del submarino Belgorod.


Entrega del submarino ruso del "día del juicio final”

By Jordi Bou

July 29, 2022 - La marina de Rusia ha recibido el submarino más grande del mundo. El Belgorod fue diseñado para transportar el Poseidón, un torpedonuclear gigantesco capaz de arrasar una ciudad costera.

At 178 metres, the Belgorod is the longest submarine in the ocean today – longer than Russia’s 175-metre Typhoon-class and U.S.’s 171-metre Ohio-class.

Experts say its design is a modified version of Russia's Oscar II class guided-missile submarines, made longer with the aim to eventually accommodate the Poseidon, the world’s largest torpedo.

One of Vladimir Putin’s six so-called “super weapons” highlighted in a fiery address in 2019, Poseidon’s 100-megaton warhead could devastate the U.S. coast with a massive tsunami and intense radiation. The Soviet “Tsar Bomba”, the biggest nuclear device ever detonated, was 58 megatons.

The Belgorod could in the next decade set the stage for a return to scenes of the Cold War under the ocean, with U.S. and Russian subs tracking and hunting each other in tense face-offs, CNN reports.

PUBLISHED: 29/07/2022; STORY: Graphic News