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 El costo creciente del combustible para autos familiares  infographic
El gráfico compara los precios de repostaje de autos en la UE.


¿Cuánto cuesta llenar el tanque de un auto familiar típico?

By Ninian Carter

June 13, 2022 - SEl aumento de los precios en las gasolineras en toda Europa estápresionando a millones que ya sufren una crisis del costo de la vida.

The cost of a litre of Euro-super 95 petrol has hit €2.55 in Denmark, as the continuing war in Ukraine drives prices ever higher.

The cost of filling a typical family car – with a fuel tank capacity of 55 litres – has risen to €140.25 in Denmark. Finland and the Netherlands come second and third on €137.50 and €130.35, respectively.

The cheapest place to buy petrol in the EU at the moment is Hungary, where a full tank costs half as much as in Denmark – €69.30. Malta and Slovenia are the next cheapest on €73.70 and €85.80, respectively. Notably, Hungary does not support sanctions on Russia covering oil and gas imports.

The UK, which left the EU in January 2020, is near the top on €118.80 for a full tank – which equates to £101.75.

PUBLISHED: 13/06/2022; STORY: Graphic News