Resurgen los casos de Covid en Europa (1) infographic
El gráfico muestra nuevas infecciones de Covid-19 en los países europeos que están experimentando los aumentos más agudos.


Nueva ola de Covid en Europa tras la disminución de restricciones

By Ninian Carter

March 23, 2022 - Cerca de un tercio de los países europeos experimentan un drástico aumento de casos de Covid-19 luego de haberse apresurado a retirar las restricciones.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says around a third of European nations are witnessing a surge in Covid-19 cases since easing restrictions on mask wearing and other social interactions.

Countries singled out as causing concern are Cyprus, Germany, Greece, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Ireland.

WHO Regional Director for Europe, Hans Kluge, believes the nations seeing the steepest rises are the ones that recently switched from having strong restrictions in place, to having barely any.

Newly confirmed cases in Europe have climbed to 5.4 million in the past seven days, up from 4.9 million at the end of February, according to WHO findings, with more than 12,400 people dying in the past week.

Despite this, Kluge remains optimistic about the pandemic in Europe, due to immunity built up through vaccinations, winter drawing to a close, and the prevalent omicron variant being milder than previous strains of the virus.

PUBLISHED: 01/04/2022; STORY: Graphic News