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 Sondeos sobre la guerra en Rusia, Ucrania infographic
El gráfico muestra sondeos de opinión en Rusia y Ucrania sobre la invasión .


Puntos de vista sobre la guerra en Rusia y Ucrania

By Duncan Mil

March 18, 2022 - La invasión de Ucrania está dividiendo la opinión dentro de Rusia, mientras que en Ucrania, más de nueve de cada diez ucranianos creen que se podrá rechazar el ataque del Kremlin.

Six in ten Russians approve of the invasion of Ukraine and see Russia’s role as a liberator. At the same time, 17 per cent oppose the war, according to a poll conducted across Russia by London-based Survation.

The telephone survey of 1,137 people between March 15-16 offers rare insight into public opinion in Russia.

About 44 per cent of respondents said they strongly backed the action, and about 20 per cent said they somewhat supported it. Roughly six per cent had no opinion or declined to answer.

Among young people, support for the war is significantly lower, according to the study. In the 18-to-29 age group, 41 per cent indicated they back the war, while 33 per cent were opposed. Peak support for the war, at 70 per cent, was among respondents age 60 and older.

A separate survey of 1,200 respondents by Rating Group between March 12-13 shows that 92 per cent of Ukrainians believe that they will be able to repel the Russian attack. This rate is growing every day, and only six per cent today do not have such confidence.

Fifty-six per cent of the respondents believe that the primary goal of Russia’s invasion is the destruction of the Ukrainian people. Another half believe that the target of the attack is the occupation of Ukraine and its annexation by Russia. Only 15 per cent to 17 per cent think that Russia is pursuing the goal of preventing the deployment of NATO bases. Ten per cent believe that Russia’s motive is the destruction of military infrastructure. In comparison, five per cent believe that it’s provoking NATO to a war. Just two per cent think that the invasion is to protect Russian speakers.

PUBLISHED: 18/03/2022; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images