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 Proyéctate al Metaverso infographic
El gráfico muestra cómo funciona la app de realidad aumentada de Beem.


La app Beem puede "proyectarte" a la casa de alguien más

By Ninian Carter

February 18, 2022 - La nueva app de la empresa tecnológica emergente Beem te permitirá enviar a otros una versión de ti mismo para que puedan “proyectarte” en su ubicación usando realidad aumentada.

Technology giants like Meta and Apple, believe the Metaverse is on its way and tech startup Beem, which has just raised $4 million in seed funding, agrees.

Its new Beem app allows users to beam themselves – either as a live stream or in pre-recorded video form – from one handset to another using Augmented Reality (AR). The recipient can then place your animated self into their location, making it appear like you’re actually there talking to them when viewed on their handset display.

Think of Beem as the future of FaceTime or Zoom. Imagine a remote-working conference call with the office where you can appear to be there. Or maybe you want to show off your latest dance move to a faraway friend – why not project yourself into their lounge so they can watch you perform it in their own home!

Currently, the app works on smartphones, which is the only way to see a caller seem to appear at your location – through the screen of the handset you are holding. But in the near future, augmented reality glasses could be a real game changer, effortlessly allowing you to see a person projected in front of you without the need for cumbersome phone juggling.

Beem is currently working on its own prototype AR glasses, and Apple is rumoured to be releasing theirs at the end of 2022.

The latest version of the Beem app soft-launched in early February, before being formally announced on February 17. It’s out now for Android and iOS devices.

PUBLISHED: 18/02/2022; STORY: Graphic News