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El gráfico muestra el total de muertes por Covid-19 en Estados Unidos, entre personas mayores de 65 años y menores de esa edad.


800.000 estadounidenses han muerto por Covid-19

By Ninian Carter

December 15, 2021 - EUA ha alcanzado el aciago hito de 800.000 muertes por Covid-19, trescuartas partes de las cuales se dieron entre personas del grupo de personas de 65 años y más.

On December 14, as the coronavirus pandemic nears the end of its second year, the United States reached the dismaying figure of 800,343 deaths from Covid-19.

Of that figure, three-quarters of fatalities have been among people aged 65 and above. That’s about one in 100 older Americans dying from the virus. For those under 65, the ratio is nearer 1 in 1,400.

Older Americans continue to suffer isolation and fear associated with the pandemic, long after millions of younger people have returned to work and school. And as new variants, like Delta and Omicron, take hold, so too older Americans feel compelled to withdraw further from society.

PUBLISHED: 15/12/2021; STORY: Graphic News