Reseña de 2021 infographic
El gráfico muestra una selección de sucesos clave ocurridos durante 2021 y de personas bajo la mirada pública. Pueden hallarse otros sucesos alternativos en a base de datos Un día como hoy en la historia de GN (ver Menú).


Reseña de sucesos noticiosos en 2021

By Tony Mullins

December 31, 2021 - El resumen de las noticias más importantes de 2021 incluye la actual pandemia de coronavirus, el motín en el Capitolio de Estados Unidos, el golpe militar en Myanmar, la sorprendentemente rápida toma del poder por parte de los talibanes en Afganistán y el incremento de desastres relacionados con el clima en todo el mundo.

The year was again dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, where the arrival of effective vaccines offered hope that it could be brought under control but the ever-present threat of new variants such as Delta and Omicron ensured that a return to a pre-pandemic normality remained a long way off.

Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States but not before a major riot by supporters of Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol attempted to disrupt Congress from certifiying his election victory.

China expanded its presence in space by successfully landing a rover on Mars, and launching manned missions to the space station it is buliding in low earth orbit.

The surge in migrants continued, with flashpoints in Latin America, the Mediterranean and along the EU borders with Belarus.

As COP26 struggled to reach agreement on limiting climate change, weather-related disasters included a devastating winter storm in the southern U.S., record heatwaves in Canada and Greece, and extensive flooding in western Germany.

Figures arriving on or departing from the political stage included Magdalena Andersson, Sweden’s first woman prime minister, and Angela Merkel, who stood down as Chancellor of Germany after 16 years in power.

PUBLISHED: 14/12/2021; STORY: Julie Mullins; PICTURES: Associated Press, Getty Images, Newscom