El gráfico muestra detalles sobre las infecciones postvacunación de Covid-19.


Casos postvacunación de Covid: ¿Qué tan grande es el riesgo?

July 22, 2021 - La mayoría de las hospitalizaciones y muertes por coronavirus han ocurrido en individuos no vacunados, sin embargo también se han dado las llamadas infecciones postvacunación en personas completamente vacunadas.

With Covid-19 shots reaching billions of people, reports have grown more common of people being infected with the coronavirus despite being vaccinated. Just as a natural infection does not guarantee protection from reinfection with the virus, neither does immunisation provide a perfect shield, according to Bloomberg.

Still, those who have immunity – either from vaccination or infection – carry a fraction of the risk of those who have none. Breakthrough cases among the immunised are a reminder that as long as the pandemic virus is prevalent in the world, it remains a threat to everyone, Bloomberg said.

PUBLISHED: 23/07/2021; STORY: Graphic News