Un joven piloto sienta récord mundial en solitario (2) infographic
El gráfico muestra la ruta de vuelo de Travis Ludlow en su viaje alrededor del mundo.


Piloto adolescente rompe récord de vuelta al mundo en solitario

By Ninian Carter

June 28, 2021 - Un piloto británico de 18 años ha roto el récord de la persona más joven en dar la vuelta al mundo en solitario en un avión monomotor.

Travis Ludlow, from Buckinghamshire, England, departed Teuge in The Netherlands on May 29, heading east across Europe via Poland, before flying through Russia and Canada. As of June 28, he is currently in Tampa, Florida in the United States.

His remaining hops will take him up the Eastern Seaboard via New York, then back into Canada, before continuing on to Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Morocco, Gibraltar, Spain, UK, France and Belgium – landing back in the Netherlands on July 7.

The teenage pilot is making the trip in a Cessna 172R, regarded as the safest single engine aircraft ever built, upgraded with the latest avionics and aerodynamic fairings. Another useful aspect is that the plane has sold 44,000 units, meaning there are very few aviation maintenance facilities in the world that do not have experience of the 172 aircraft, should Travis' plane require repairs.

The current world record holder is Mason Andrews from the U.S., who completed his round-the-word trip aged 18-and-a-half, in 2018. Ludlow hopes to complete his trip and be about 18 days younger than Andrews.

PUBLISHED: 13/07/2021; STORY: Graphic News