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El gráfico muestra la evolución de los barcos portacontenedores y el comercio marítimo global entre 1970 y 2019.


Debate sobre los enormes barcos portacontenedores

By Jordi Bou

March 31, 2021 - El bloqueo del Canal de Suez por un barco de 220.000 toneladas plantea la cuestión de si las naves han superado la capacidad de la infraestructura necesaria para sustentarlas.

As global trade has accelerated, so has the growth of the shipping industry – and ship size. Container capacity has increased 1,500% since 1968 and has almost doubled over last decade.

The growth of the shipping industry and ship size has played a central role in creating the modern economy, but the growth in ship size has come at a cost. It has effectively pitted port against port, canal against canal.

Ships of this size are both more efficient and environmentally friendly, but stacking containers higher makes such ships more susceptible to high winds, while stacking them wider can increase hydrodynamic forces that them harder to steer in tight spaces, such as ports and canals.

PUBLISHED: 31/03/2021; STORY: Graphic News