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 Los europeos consideran insegura la vacuna de AstraZeneca infographic
El gráfico muestra la percepción de la seguridad de las vacunas contra Covid de Pfizer, Moderna y AstraZeneca en Alemania, Francia, Italia, España, Dinamarca, Suecia y el RU.


Daño en confianza pública en la vacuna Covid de AstraZeneca

By Phil Bainbridge

March 22, 2021 - La confianza del público en la vacuna Covid-19 de AstraZeneca está descendiendo agudamente en muchos países europeos, según un sondeo realizado por YouGov UK. Los datos siguen a informes de que la vacuna se ha relacionado con coágulos sanguíneos.

The decision by more than a dozen countries to suspend use of the AstraZeneca vaccine has seriously damaged public perceptions of the vaccine’s safety in Europe.

A YouGov study in February showed that Europeans were already more wary of the AstraZeneca vaccine compared to the Pfizer and Moderna alternatives. Nevertheless, in all countries surveyed except for France, where vaccine scepticism is particularly high, more people considered the AZ vaccine to be safe than unsafe. Now however, in France, Germany, Spain and Italy – the four countries studied in both the February and March surveys – people are more likely to see the vaccine as unsafe than safe.

AstraZeneca reported Monday that its Covid-19 vaccine provided strong protection among all adults in a long-anticipated U.S. study, raising hopes that the findings could help rebuild public confidence in the beleaguered shot, and moving a step closer to clearance for American use.

PUBLISHED: 22/03/2021; STORY: Graphic News