Un día como hoy Mayo 17-23, 2020 (semana 21) infographic
Los gráficos muestran cumpleaños y aniversarios en cada día de la semana.


Un día como hoy Mayo 17-23, 2020 (semana 21)

May 17, 2020 - May 23, 2020 - Los gráficos muestran cumpleaños y aniversarios en cada día de la semana. Esta semana incluye al pintor florentino, volcán Santa Helena, el príncipe Harry de Gran Bretaña y la exactriz Meghan Markle, el cartógrafo flamenco Abraham Ortelius, el legendario actor de cine Humphrey Bogart, la legalizacion de los matrimonios de personas del mismo sexo y el matemático estadounidense John Nash

May 17, 1510: Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli, whose works such as Primavera embody the Italian Renaissance spirit, died in poverty at the age of 65

May 18, 1980: The eruption of Mount St Helens in the U.S. state of Washington killed 57 people, took 1,300 feet off the top of the volcano and created a cloud of ash 2,500 miles long

May 19, 2018: Britain’s Prince Harry and U.S. former actress Meghan Markle were married at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, becoming the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

May 20, 1570: Flemish cartographer Abraham Ortelius issued Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas, a book of maps for which copper printing plates were engraved

May 21, 1945: Movie legend Humphrey Bogart married his co-star Lauren Bacall. Despite their 25-year age gap they remained happily married until Bogart’s death in 1957

May 22, 2015: Ireland became the first nation to legalise same-sex marriage in a referendum, with over 62 percent voting in favour of amending the constitution

May 23, 2015: Renowned U.S. mathematician John Nash, the subject of the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind, was killed in a car crash in New Jersey

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