El gráfico muestra comparación de síntomas de COVID-19, resfriado común, alergias y gripe.


Síntomas de coronavirus comparados con los de gripe, resfriado y alergias

March 16, 2020 - Algunos síntomas de COVID-19 – la enfermedad causada por el nuevo coronavirus – son similares a los de resfriado común, alergias o gripe, lo que dificulta su diagnóstico sin una prueba.

The coronavirus primarily affects the lungs and commonly causes a fever and dry cough. It can also lead to shortness of breath, a symptom not associated with colds or the flu, though it is common for allergies.

Those people who are sneezing and have a runny nose are likely to have the flu or a cold. The flu is also more likely than COVID-19 to come with aches and pains.

PUBLISHED: 16/03/2020; STORY: Graphic News
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