El gráfico muestra casos y muertes por Covid-19 al 13 de febrero.


Los casos de coronavirus superan 60.000 y crece agudamente la cifra de muertes

February 13, 2020 - China ha reportado más de 15.000 nuevos casos de la enfermedad Covid-19 y 254 muertes más, luego de la aplicación de nueva metodología sobre categorización de infecciones en la muy afectada provincia de Hubei. El virus ha matado ya a por lo menos 1.370 personas e infectado a más de 60.000 en todo el mundo.

The new diagnostic approach came on the same day that Hubei and its stricken capital, Wuhan, replaced their top officials in an apparent response to public criticism of local authorities’ handling of the epidemic.

In breaking down the large number of new cases in China, National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng said Hubei had adopted a revised diagnosis and treatment plan aimed at accelerating the identification and treatment of patients.

That adds a “clinical diagnosis case” classification to identify suspected cases who appear to have pneumonia so that patients can be accepted as soon as possible and treated as confirmed cases, Mi said, adding that should “reduce severe illness and mortality.”

Many countries have implemented travel restrictions on recent visitors to China, which has more than 99 percent of the world’s reported infections.

In an unprecedented measure to contain the disease, the Chinese government has placed the hardest-hit cities – home to more than 60 million people – under lockdown.

More than 500 Covid-19 infections have been confirmed outside of China.

PUBLISHED: 13/02/2020; STORY: Graphic News
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