Fuerzas de oposición toman Sirte infographic
El gráfico muestra áreas del noroeste de Libia controladas por fuerzas rivales.


Fuerzas basada en el este de Libia dicen que capturaron ciudad costera clave

January 7, 2020 - Las fuerzas basadas en el este de Libia dicen haber tomado el control de la ciudad costera de Sirte de manos del gobierno asentado en Trípoli, reconocido por la ONU, en lo que constituiría un logro estratégico clave.

The announcement comes amid a major offensive by the eastern-based forces to take Tripoli. The capital city is the seat of a rival Libyan government, which is supported by the United Nations.

Libya is currently governed by dueling authorities in the east and in Tripoli in the west, each relying on different militias.

Commander Khalifa Hafter declared a “final” and decisive battle to take Tripoli last month. Fighting and shelling between the two sides has been raging there since April, with neither side making much progress.

PUBLISHED: 07/01/2020; STORY: Graphic News
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