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Seis muertos luego que un hombre disparó en la sala de espera de un hospital checo

By Mike Tyler

December 10, 2019 - Seis personas murieron en un hospital en la ciudad oriental de Ostrava en la República Checa luego que un hombre disparó en una sala de espera. El aparente sospechoso se suicidó luego de un tiro cuando la policía se acercaba a su auto.

Prime Minister Andrej Babis told Czech public television the shooting took place around 7 a.m. in a waiting room. The attacker opened fire at people's heads from close range, Babis said.

He said he was heading for the site, at the University hospital in the eastern city of Ostrava, 350 kilometers (220 miles) east of Prague.

Police said they found the suspect's car and he shot himself in the head as they approached. They identified him as a 42-year-old man. Police had launched an extensive manhunt, using two helicopters, for the suspect and his silver-gray Renault Laguna car.

Clinic director Jiri Havrlant told media the dead were four men and two women. Another man and a woman had to be operated on.

Officials say people have been evacuated from the clinic. Police are boosting security across the country.

PUBLISHED: 10/12/2019; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Associated Press