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El gráfico muestra evidencia de la presunta participación de Irán enlos ataques contra instalaciones petroleras saudíes.


Arabia Saudí dice que misiles y drones iraníes alcanzaron sus instalaciones petroleras

By Mike Tyler

September 19, 2019 - El secretari de Estai de EUA Mike Pompeo calificó el miércoles de "acto de guerra" de Irán contra Arabia Saudí el ataque contra instalaciones petroleras del Reino, luego que los saudíes exhibieron restos de misiles y drones como evidencia, que presuntamente muestra que el ataque fue "indudablemente patrocinado por Irán".

Iran, which has denied involvement in the attack, warned the U.S. it will retaliate immediately if it is targeted.

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, said he is moving to increase financial sanctions on Tehran over the attack. He was noncommittal on whether he would order U.S. military retaliation.

At a news conference, Saudi military spokesman Col. Turki al-Malki said the attack Saturday that did heavy damage to the heart of the Saudi oil industry was “launched from the north and was unquestionably sponsored by Iran.”

Al-Malki stopped short of accusing Iran of actually firing the weapons itself or launching them from Iranian territory.

Yemen's Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was in response to the Saudi-led war in Yemen that has killed tens of thousands of people.

At the news conference, the Saudis displayed broken and burned drones and pieces of a cruise missile that Al-Malki identified as Iranian weapons collected after the attack. He also played surveillance video that he said showed a drone coming in from the north.

Eighteen drones and seven cruise missiles were launched in the assault, Al-Malki said, with three missiles failing to make their targets. He said the cruise missiles had a range of 700km (435 miles), meaning they could not have been fired from inside Yemen.

PUBLISHED: 19/09/2019; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Associated Press