El gráfico explica cómo se propaga el hongo, e identifica países afectados por el patógeno.


Propagación global de Candida auris

April 8, 2019 - El hongo Candida auris, que ataca a personas con sistema inmunológico débil y se adquiere con frecuencia en hospitales, se está propagando por el mundo

Healthcare units in several countries are reporting a type of yeast called Candida auris is causing severe illness in hospitalised patients. In some people, the yeast can enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, causing serious infections.

Oftentimes the yeast does not respond to commonly used antifungal treatments, making infections difficult to deal with.

Patients who have been hospitalised for a long time and have catheters or other lines and tubes entering their bodies, or those that have previously received antibiotics or antifungal medications, appear to be at highest risk of infection.

Special laboratory methods are needed to accurately identify C. auris as conventional lab techniques can lead to misidentification – making it difficult to control the spread of the fungus within hospitals.

PUBLISHED: 12/04/2019; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Associated Press
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